"She sets about her work vigorously; her arms are strong for the tasks."

Proverbs 31:17 (NIV)

Amelia I. Benson, M.S., MHC
Lifestyle Coach | Certified Nutrition & Wellness Consultant

1990 - 9years old menstrual cycle starts

1991 - 10years old experience severe pain during cycle. Pediatrician says midol.

2000 - Off to college and the pain continues.

2001 - Experiencing more pain and an aversion to chicken. Vomiting is excessive and pain in my Kidneys.

2002 - Chocolate Cyst discovered and removed. Diagnosed with Endometriosis and Adenomyosis.

2012 - Found an Endo specialist. Had surgery to remove Endo. Kidneys were positioned out of place due to Endo. After surgery, the plan was to preserve my reproductive system to have children.


2014 - (July) Surgery to remove more endo, 6 fibroids and determine my next steps. However, informed I had to have a Radical Hysterectomy.

(December) Radical Hysterectomy.


How am I still standing? How am I still alive? How do I talk about what I've been through so easily? 


I started Millennial In Menopause on Instagram and YouTube in 2018 as a way to tell my story not just as a woman, but a Black/Caribbean American woman in hopes of helping others through this process, and almost immediately women from around the world were commenting on how they relate to my story. In my efforts to understand surgically induced menopause also known as medical menopause, I noticed that I didn’t see any Black and Brown women discussing such topics, Until Now.


It’s been 7 years, by the Grace of God I am learning my new body, how to manage my weight, emotions, and everything else. In the last 2 years I realized that I was looking at my situation as I had in the past, I became frustrated, angry, and these menopausal mood swings didn't make it better. I had a moment in prayer pouring out my frustrations and at that moment God revealed that I was looking at it all wrong, it's was all about my mindset and me taking control of the situation not the other way around. I’ve spent years allowing endometriosis to control my time, my social life, so I can’t let surgical menopause do the same, and I want to help other women take back their lives.


Although I know I am strong I couldn’t do this without my relationship with God, seeking therapy, family, and friends, and I want to be that support for women like me. I am here to educate women about their reproductive health, their ability to control their doctor's appointments, nutrition, well-being, mental health, and growth using biblical principles.


Through various avenues of content I hope to raise awareness and give women their fight back. 

I look forward to watching you learn, grow, discover balance, and live a

Blessed * Bold * Beautiful Life!