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Most women don't know their own bodies or that all menstrual cycles are Not created equal.

This book will give you the heads up on:

  • Hiring & Firing your doctor

  • How to prepare For your next 

and much more.

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Sometimes I feel overwhelmed with my thoughts especially when it comes to things I need to work on. This worksheet is something I put together for you based off of questions I ask myself when it get's to be to much tp put into perspective.

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Advocating For Your Reproductive Health
                  E-Book | Writable PDF
Her Health Her Wellbeing
Worksheet |Writable PDF
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Looking for a therapist can be challenging when you're not sure where to look, and what you're looking for. Download this helpful guide.

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Finding A Therapist
Worksheet |Writable PDF
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Did you know that not vitamins are created equal? Finding the right supplement(s) can be frustrating, I created this worksheet to provide information and help you to figure out how to determine what the right supplement is for you.

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The Vitamin Worksheet
PDF Worksheet