Endometriosis: We Need Support!

For women who are dealing with reproductive health issues its pretty hard because it is invisible and tend to flare up during her menstrual cycle however, there are time where she can flare at anytime.  In the case of endometriosis which is a disease I had, in my earlier years ages 12-19 my cramps were during my menstrual cycle which included vomiting ages 20-32 included before menstrual pain and sickness and during my menstrual pain and sickness. Due to all of this it was hard for me to plan ahead there were times I had to cancel on friends, there were days I missed classes. What made things harder was I didn’t have much support, when I was younger up until I was 15 years old my mom was my rock, she never questioned me about anything when I would call her from school to pick me up, she would always say “I’m on my way.”  As I go older it was hard because my dad isn’t a nurturer so I was responsible for comforting myself.

     In college I moved with family and it was the hardest thing ever, because no on understood my circumstances, I tried to explain my pain, but I could tell that everyone would be a little unsympathetic to my symptoms. My pain became very sporadic, certain food I ate I would get sick, I “managed” my pain by taking 800mg of advil every 4 to 6 hours eventually advil didn’t word as good so I moved to Morton, and every once ad a while a prescription for Percocet would do it.   I say all that to say we are endo warriors, but every warrior needs a tribe to have her back. It’s hard enough that there are physicians who don’t listen to us, who dismiss our symptoms, but to have no support at home is hard, when your friends and family don’t get it, it becomes and added stress. If you have a woman or teenager in your life who has either been diagnosed or present symptoms of endometriosis put yourself in her shoes, be her support and advocate for her. This also goes along with PCOS, Fibroids, infertility and menopause. Here are some ways a loved one can support.

  • Research her disease/challenge

  • Ask her what she needs

  • If possible help her when she is sick

  • Don’t patronize her if she can’t hang out she cancels

  • Let her cry and list to her

  • Pray for her

  • If possible go with her to her doctor’s appointment

Support is important I can’t stress this enough our issues are not only physical it becomes mental/emotional because it does lead to feelings of depression. To my endo sisters who are feeling that no one understands, I do.


~Amelia LadyB

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