Menopause & Dry Face

In these last three years of surgical menopause, I’ve noticed changes on my face. From the age of 12 – 14 I experienced acne pretty bad until I found the perfect skin care product for me, I still experienced acne but not to the extent that I had before. As an adult my routine didn’t change that much, but when I entered surgical menopause things started looking a little different. Yeah, I get it I’m getting older I’m 39 and the body changes anyway, but I know that surgical menopause has a lot to do with how quickly I noticed the changes due to depletion of estrogen.

I’ve did a general blog post about skin and I shared some tips that may sound familiar, but I’m going to add some things to the list because I know for most women if not all we want as close to perfect skin as we can get free of blemishes, but we have to be realistic in these aging, menopausal streets. I’m no esthetician, but I’m going to give you a few tips that I’m implementing now that seem to be helping me out of course there are varying factors like genetic makeup. If your mom, dad, aunties, grandma’s and cousins etc. deal with dark spots, moles, skin tags, dark circle, this is something that is hereditary of course you can potentially have stuff done to remove what you don’t want, all of that is up to you, I had to put that out there because there is a lot of things that we don’t realize play a role in our bodies.

Skin Care For Your Face:

Unfortunately, your skin is thinner during menopause you will experience, dryness, dehydration, acne, large pores. Listen I almost flipped out when I noticed my pores I was like “What IS HAPPENING TO MEEEEEE!!!!”, relax though all of this is because during menopause the body needs more collagen meaning less elasticity 😫.

1. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate will see this a lot in any article about skin hydration is very important to your body.

2. Use gentle face cleansers, no foams they tend to pull the oils from your face and cause dryness. Use products with no alcohol. Products with salicylic acid help with acne.

3. Exfoliation, this is really big for me, I mean it should be big for everyone because it gets rid of those dead skin cells.

4. Moisturizer, need I say more it’s in the name.

5. Oil/Serum, I started using face oil three years ago and I Love It! I do understand that some people have oily skin so that means you will have to use formulated moisturizer, or serum that accommodates your skin.

6. Sunblock, for the longest I thought sunblock was only used when you go to the beach or pool and yes, I didn’t think I needed to use sunblock daily because I have plenty melanin, and if you are thinking the same way you are WRONG! Sunblock protects your skin from harsh UV rays that can cause skin cancer. For my black and brown skin sisters we have a sunblock that is amazing created just for us, you can buy this product in target or head over to this link, You’re Welcome!

I’m no skin care expert, but I do understand that skin care is important at all stages of life, but in this stage of my life it is extremely important to keep my skin moisturized to slow the signs of aging. Understand that we all have various types of skin so products are literally a hit or miss just like everything else when people recommend it. Find what works for you what I suggest is to get trial sizes of products before you spend excess amounts of money and you end up braking out.

Regardless of Menopause or Not you have a responsibility to take care of YOU!


~Amelia LadyB


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