Nutrition & Weight Loss: 5 Mindset Tips

Everywhere you go in social media you will undoubtedly come across a post about eating healthy, telling you why you should become a vegan, plant based this plant based that, you can lose weight in 30 days just by doing this, drink this tea/shake and in 7 days you will see results. No shade to the people or the companies because the goal in business is to cater to your audience, solve their problem and they will come. In my own life I have always wanted to maintain a healthy lifestyle, as surgical menopause set in it became apparent that I needed to make changes because I gained weight rapidly, my blood pressure became out of control, and I just didn’t feel good. Many look at me and say “you’re not big, you look good”, this might be true, but I’ve learned to pay attention to my body and learned what healthy really means and healthy isn’t always “skinny/slim”, healthy is how do you feel on a daily bases? What are your number: weight, BMI, blood pressure, cholesterol?

Here are 5 changes in your mindset you need to develop about yourself:

1. Beauty is not defined by looks, it is who I genuinely am on the inside and how I treat people.

2. I chose me! I don’t want to look like (insert name(s)), I want to become the healthiest version of myself mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

3. Food is nutrient it is meant to be savored and enjoyed, it is not meant to make you feel full, tired, and miserable. Eat with purpose and play with flavors and recopies nobody likes boring food.

4. STOP Beating Yourself Up!! Stress and anxiety can cause weight loss in a very negative way or weight gain. Your body is very sensitive when your body produces stress hormones this affects your gastrointestinal system changing your metabolism and your appetite. Stress can also increase blood pressure and causes mental despair. It’s important to make a daily habit of encouraging yourself, leave yourself reminders of encouragement. Your language is very important on any path you are on. Be Kind To You!

5. Make your nutrition/weight loss journey fun, yes, I said fun. What I tend to notice in people is that they look at it as a chore and no one likes chores. Pre Covid I was going to the gym, but I eventually got tired of going because it was bored I was going with a friend, but our schedules became difficult and I just stopped. When Covid hit I started working out at home and I knew I had to make this fun. So I searched on YouTube for dance workouts, I started following some trainers on Instagram and used some of their workouts and I made it a thing for me. I even started posting on my own Instagram which encouraged others and keeps me accountable because I’ll get the occasional DM as to why I haven’t posted a workout. Mix up your routine, Have Fun!

Listen ladies, it’s bad enough that the world puts us in an unrealistic box, let’s not do that to one another, and most importantly to ourselves. Trust me you have what it takes to make whatever change you need to make, but it takes time NOTHING! Is overnight no matter how much post their products and say that it is, trust and believe there is always an underlying consequence. Talk to your doctor, get your numbers and work the process, You Got This Sis!


~Amelia LadyB


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