Reflections: What's Next?

Twenty-Two (22) years of my life I spent in debilitating pain every month and it got to the point where I was feeling the pain regardless of being on my period. At 21 years old I was diagnosed with Endometriosis, although I was excited, I was still confused because I didn’t see anyone like me. Times are changing, I am seeing more and more Black women speaking up about their experience, but then again, we didn’t have social media in 2002 🤷🏾‍♀️. At the age of Thirty-Three (33) I had to undergo a radical hysterectomy which has me in surgical menopause, and even though we are in the age of technology I don’t see women like me speaking up, but more importantly I don’t see organizations and platforms representing Black women.

When I started Millennial In Menopause, I really just wanted to share my story, but it turned into more. More women than I could imagine around the world have been forced into this change of life to no fault of their own due to medical conditions. Entering into this next phase is not easy and many women like myself didn’t have any direction as to what to expect and how to manage and take care of themselves outside of just taking hormone replacement therapy (HRT), which doesn’t work for every woman, just like everything else.

For six years I see there is such a lack of education and support to women managing surgical menopause, yeah, I know there are a lot of communities discussing “The Change of Life”, but as you know that is not the same as surgical menopause, we deal with layers of feelings, emotions along with the body changes that women in menopause face, many of us may still be dealing with the pains of endometriosis, and other diagnosed conditions and of course that’s not fun.

Writing always helps me to mind dump, sometimes instead of talking things out I “write things out” both help me out, but writing is special to me. Last week I was talking to one of my best friends and I started mind dumping everything I felt about information, and support around surgical menopause, we prayed and came up with a plan to set things in motion for the next phase of Millennial In Menopause. I use to ask God why me? why am I going through all of this pain and grief? Years later after sharing my story encouraging other women in their surgical menopause journey, answering questions about endometriosis, and questions about how I am managing I realized that this is why. What the enemy meant for evil God turned it around for his glory.

Although I am quite the introvert God has truly given me a mouthpiece to spread awareness and the ability to create. In this past year we all have experienced so much death due to COVID, racially charged murders, natural causes etc. We have been forced to stay away from the ones we love, cancelled vacations, cancelled birthday/wedding/and so many other celebrations, lost jobs, experienced divorce. On the other hand, people have started business, developed deeper connections to family and friends, spent more needed time with the people in their homes, took time to reflect on the next phase of life. it has truly been a roller coaster of emotions to say the least.

I am grateful for my life and where I am going. Thank you to those who follow me and have supported me since March 2018. This year will truly be a game changer so be on the lookout for what to come, in the meantime stay connected to my blog, youtube, and the resources I have posted on my website. I hope that this post inspires you to continue pushing, I'm just excited for What's Next!


~ Amelia LadyB


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