Summer Fruits & Vegetables

Summer Fruits & Veggies


It’s summertime and we are some back to “normal”, that means vacation, summer family and friend’s gatherings. So where do fruits and veggies come in? Fruits and Veggies are always on a menu even on vacations especially when you are on tropical islands. So here are a list of some healthy choices:


1. Apricots

They are full of fiber and vitamin C. I’ve never eaten them fresh only dried, and I love them.

2. Berries

· Raspberry (June – October)

· Blackberries (June -August)

· Strawberries (June id the best month)

3. Cherries (June-August)

They are a good source fiber, vitamins, and minerals, and can assist in blood pressure regulation.

4. Mangoes (May to September)

Who doesn’t love a juicy sweet mango during the summer?

5. Melons

· Cantaloupe (June to August)

· Honey Dew (September)

· Watermelon (October)

6. Nectarines & Peaches (May to September)

7. Plums (May to October)

8. Cucumber (June to August)


1. Arugula (Late Spring to Early Summer)

2. Beets (June to October)

They are a great source of fiber, and assists is blood pressure regulation, helps to boots energy, improves digestion, can reduce inflammation, brain health, and much more.

3. Bell Peppers (June to October)

4. Carrots (Late Spring & Early Fall)

5. Corn (May to September)

6. Eggplant (June to August)

7. Green Beans (July to October)

8. Tomatoes (May to August)

9. Zucchini (June to August)

This list of course does not mention every fruit and veggie out there, but you get the just. Fruits and veggies are important parts of our daily meals, so get out there and make some colorful choices.


Amelia LadyB


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