Surgical Menopause: 5 Tips To Combat Depression & Anxiety

When it hits you, it hits you, sometimes sneaking up on you like a bunion. I promise women are the strongest most resilient beings. Our bodies go through so many changes, we have the most unrealistic expectations placed upon us, when we are not married or have children by a certain age we get the 3rddegree questions and weird looks. Let’s also mention when you do get married the pressures of being the “perfect wife”, “perfect mother”, “perfect lover”, holding the family together, all while trying to hold yourself together. Then comes life either in the form of “The Change”, like myself surgical menopause, or any other health related issue we go through a lot and we keep it moving even if we are running on fumes.

This last month for me has been difficult mentally and emotionally, I became increasingly overwhelmed as the days went on, I tried to remain positive, I tried talking to myself, but it didn’t work. I spoke to a friend about it and we prayed together about my situation and God began speak to me. I started praying on my own and created a separate journal just to write down this journey because I believe it will be life changing for me.

Here are 5 tips that you can implement to help combat depression and anxiety, of course everyone is different as to what works for them add or subtract as needed. I hope that these tips can help.

1. Don’t Ignore What you feel

- Often, we tend to brush off our feelings and emotions. I’m not saying that every not so good day is depression because we all have those days. However, when your mood starts to interfere with your daily activities (work, school, relationships, family, eating habits, sleeping patterns etc.) that’s when it becomes a problem that needs a mediator. When you acknowledge the issue, help is one step closer.

2. Seek Therapy


- Just Do It!

3. Talk to your Somebody

- This person is the one that gets you, that one that can put you in your place, and support you when you need it. I can’t lie I know everyone doesn’t have a somebody this is where support groups come in and finding a therapist. You will find your somebody.

4. Set Boundaries

- Surgical menopause can feel lonely on its own, but we do have to protect our space to protect our sanity. Be confident in your No.

5. Do something that’s fun/makes you happy

- Here are some things on my list, you are welcome to add to yours

o Watching Funny Movies

o Roller Skating

o Get a fur baby (unless you’re allergic, don’t like them etc..)

o Boxing/Kickboxing

o Beach

o Nice Long Drive

o Walk In The Park

o Journaling

o Getting lost in a really good book

o Painting/Sketching

o Coloring

o Puzzles


I know that life is not as simple as the above 5 tips, and it takes a lot of effort just to make it through one day. I don’t know where you are during this surgical menopause journey, or if you’re experiencing perimenopause, or maybe you’re just hear to get some tips to help manage the stressors in your life. Whatever the case may be take care of yourself.


~Amelia LadyB


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