The Last Shabang

Updated: Jul 5, 2019

So if you’ve been following me for a while I am very transparent about my health, and my journey.

Toward the end of last year I decided that I wanted to learn more about nutrition because I want to do the right thing about my health moving forward since my battle with endometriosis. Some of you joined me on an AMAZING 14 day Mind Body Challenge in April and it really encouraged me I actually lost about 5lbs and from the challenge I kept up the same eating habits, I cooked most of meals, if I ate out I made sure to choose smart foods (nothing fried).

If you are familiar with Endometriosis, it is an inflammatory disease which mean it is best to eat pretty much plant based. Although I had a hysterectomy it is Not a cure, I went to the gyno the beginning of the year and there were no signs based on my pelvic exam and I haven’t experienced any pain THANK YOU JESUS!!!

   Last week Sunday I went to the farmers market and just looked around at all of the food choices (plant based of course) and I started thinking of all of the meals I could make, and I told myself I think I want to give up chicken for the month of June. I say chicken because I really don't eat beef. Here's the thing chicken purchased in stores and eaten in restaurants are typically full of antibiotics and hormones and this is not good for anyone, but women with endometriosis specifically. For about a month I've only been eating Salmon, I ate chicken  that my uncle cooked and I felt sick afterwards and after I ate the chicken seen in the photo above I felt sick as well, no it wasn't food poisoning it was the hormones and antibiotics in it, I know because this is how I felt years ago when I had Endo.

Since becoming a Nutrition and Wellness Consultant I’ve really been pushing myself to make good food choices and I want to help others learn how to make others make choices that best for them. Nutrition is learning about your body, and the foods that are best for you. Some people like meat and it will be their personal choice to let it go or not, for others due to health conditions plant based is very important to their wellbeing. I absolutely love the journey that I am on because I am sharing it with the world, and you get to see me make good and not so good choices and I in turn share my thoughts and feelings about all of my choices.

I’m not your typical nutrition and wellness consultant because you are seeing me grow into this roll. I really only wanted to learn about food and what was best for me, but God had other plans.


~Amelia LadyB


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