Your Fitness Journey: Get Fit Sis! 😜

It’s March where are you with your fitness goals? Ladies you know how it goes we set goals at the beginning of the year that we are going to lose a certain amount of weight before the summer, some need to gain weight, tone up, or even build muscle mass whatever it is, somewhere down the road you lose momentum, and that goal turns into a distant memory. Some of you are probably on target and doing your thing and that is great keep it up, but I want to encourage those who are trying to make the changes you need in your life.

Here are some things I want you to remember as you begin/continue your fitness journey:

1. Do it for you, this journey should not be about anything other than you feeling good, and looking good.

2. It takes time, nothing happens overnight. Getting on the scale every day is only going to cause anxiety which increases your cortisol levels which causes fat to build up in the stomach and increases weight gain.

3. Have Fun, fitness shouldn’t have to feel like a chore, you should feel good when you work out, you should be excited about it, this is your time to be creative.

Myths about Exercise

1. Pain means you’re getting results, when you are working out and you feel pain STOP! It’s one thing to be sore but pain does not equal results it actually can hinder your progress if you have an injury.

2. Hours of workout will bring fast results, This is not true, even if you decided to workout 30minutes a day/every other day you will have results, so don’t overdo it ladies especially if you are not under the supervision of a fitness instructor and of course your physician.

3. Eating Less give me fast results. Listen you nor I are Beyoncé don’t try what she did unless you have supervision. There are a lot of eating options out there, but you have to find out which one will work for your lifestyle.

4. Cardio only or Strength Training only? They are both great if you didn’t know, cardio burns more calories than strength however, in combination they are great and produce the results you are looking for especially with a stable eating plan.

5. I have to get a gym membership and personal trainer. NOPE! This is all up to you and your level of motivation, you may need a personal trainer because you don’t have a clue where to start, or how to start. There is nothing wrong with the gym there is a lot of equipment and a way to meet new people.

Overall, do you thing sis! Have a good time and meet your goals, but don’t set them to high make sure they are realistic. Here are just a few other activities you can do to make your workout more diverse:

· Roller/Inline Skating

· Boxing/Kickboxing

· Mixed Martial Arts

· Bike Riding

· Dance Classes

· Swimming

Have a Happy Healthy Journey Ladies!!


~Amelia LadyB


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