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What Type of Information Does LadyB Empowerment Collect?


Personal Information that may be collected by LadyB Empowerment, LLC dba Millennial In Menopause include:


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Affiliate Links

Some of the links on our sit MILLENNIALINMENOPAUSE.COM are affiliate links. This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission. Regardless, I recommend products or services I use personally or believe will add value to my customers, followers, and readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 225: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising”.


Third Party Web Sites

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Third Party Actions:

We do not control and are not liable for the actions of any third parties who we may promote which included, but not limited to Xlibris.com, Spreadshirt.com and Amazon.com. We pride ourselves in working with quality companies, but have no control over the actions of those third parties. While we are not liable for any of the actions of those third parties, you should feel free to give us feedback from time to time on your experiences with any third parties to whom we work with so that we may enhance our future service to all customers. 


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Fees &Payment

All fees can be changed at the descrestion of LadyB Empowerment, LLC dba Millennial In Menopause at any time. Sessions will not be scheduled until payment has been received.  



Sessions are designed for all adults 18 years and older, if you are under the age of 18 a parent/guardian must email us at millennialinmenopause@gmail.com requesting a session and sign consent documentation, we will contact you and asked questions regarding your desire to work with Amelia (LadyB). It will be determined by Amelia if the session will go forth. If you are approved to work with Amelia a parent/guardian must sign a consent form and payment will be received. 


*All individuals receive a free 1 time sessions which includes review of consent forms and assessments and what will happen moving forward. If you decide not to work with Amelia I. Benson "Amelia LadyB" of LadyB Empowerment, LLC dba Millennial in Menopause all forms and assessments will be returned, due to proprietary information. 


 Any session after the assessment is subject to applicable fees. Those who are 18+, once a session is paid in full you will receive an opportunity to choose an available date. 


LadyB Empowerment, LLC dba Millennial In Menopause understands that life happens therefore we allow One opportunity to schedule based on availability.


*Please refer to the Cacellation/Refund Policy regarding cancellation of a Nutrition & Wellness Consultation.


Workshops, Speaking Engagements & Contracts

All workshops, or speaking engagements are finalized once a contract by both parties have been signed and LadyB Empowerment/Millennial In Menopause has been paid in full. LadyB Empowerment/Millennial In Menopause should be notified at least a week in advanced if services are no longer needed before a full refund can be permitted. If cancellation occurs less than a week there will be a cancellation fee of $100. (this information will be discussed before a contact is signed you reserve the right to not proceed with the services of LadyB Empowerment/Millennial In Menopause. 

Fees for Workshops, and speaking engagements will be provided upon request. Workshop fees depend on the size of your events, and number of people attending and travel of the event. Speaking engagement fees depend on the time frame requested and travel. All information will be discussed before contracts are agreed upon and signed.


Cancellation/Refund Policy

All sales are final and no refunds or credit will be given for services, events, online training programs, physical or online products (unless purchased through third party links then you will be subject to their cancellations, refunds & return policies). No exceptions will be made. 


Termination of Agreement

For speaking engagement, workshop at least a one week prior notice to terminate will need to be made. There is a $70 cancellation fee will apply if cancelled less than a week there will be a $100 cancellation fee. If the even needs to be rescheduled to a later date 


Professional Conditions

Though Amelia I. Benson (Amelia LadyB) holds a Masters Degree in Mental Health Christian Counseling, a Certification in Nutrition & Wellness Consultant she is not a licensed therapist and does not claim to be nor will she provide any diagnoses, if you are in need of professional counseling, or psychotherapy you should seek the appropriate counseling services. Information that you receive from the content posted on this website or via Podcast HER K.I.T Knowledge in Transformation it is not to be substituted as medical advice, please seek professional medical attention for any health concerns or before trying any dieting/supplements, or any health related information. All advice or guidance Amelia I. Benson (Amelia LadyB) via LadyB Empowerment, LLC dba Millennial In Menopause provides is based on personal experience and knowledge gathered from books and research. 


Opt-Out & Unsubscribe

We respect your privacy and give you an opportunity to opt-out of receiving announcements of certain information. Users may opt-out of receiving any or all communications from LadyB Empowerment, LLC DBA Millennial In Menopauseand/or all its associated brands by emailing ToLadyb@gmail.com


No Guarantees

All workshops, seminars, Goal Setting sessions, Career Exploration and Entrepreneurship etc.. are all important and life changing milestones that a person can make in their lives, that can waver and we do not take that lightly. It is the responsibility of the customer(s) to take the information provided and do the work. That being said LadyB Empowerment, LLC DBA Millennial In Menopause services come with NO Guarantees.  



 All of my written posts are copyrighted and information on my blog "The Nook" www.millennialinmenopause.com is based on my own experiences, and personal opinions. Photo’s and videos come from various resources including, but not limited to the internet etc. As a visitor to my blog I expect that you are respectful. Profanity and vulgarity are not permitted when commenting. If you are interested in using any parts of written material from www.millennialinmenopause.com please send an email: 

ToLadyb@gmail.com or millennialinmenopause@gmail.com requesting to use written material from the blog. 


Limited Liability 

Except as expressly provided in this agreement, the LadyB Empowerment,LLC DBA Millennial In Menopause® makes no guarantees or warranties, express or implied. In no event will Amelia I. Benson (LadyB) be liable to the Client for consequential or special damages. Notwithstanding any damages that the Client may incur, LadyB Empowerment, DBA Millennial in Menopause® entire liability under this agreement, and the Client’s exclusive remedy, will be limited to the amount paid by the Client to LadyB Empowerment, LLC DBA Millennial In Menopause® under this agreement for all services rendered up until the termination date.


The Client agrees to utilize these strategy, workshops or online training session with the full understanding that Amelia I. Benson (Amelia LadyB) and LadyB Empowerment,LLC DBA Millennial In Menopause® and its employees and volunteers are in no way liable for the Client’s decisions, actions and outcomes. Client also agrees to hold Amelia I. Benson (Amelia LadyB), LadyB Empowerment, LLC DBA Millennial In Menopause® and its employees and volunteers free of all liability and responsibility for any adverse situations created as a direct or indirect result of a specific referral, advice given or any actions taken while working with or as a direct result with LadyB Empowerment, LLC  DBA Millennial In Menopause® or Amelia I. Benson (Amelia LadyB).


If the Client files any legal suites against Amelia I. Benson (Amelia LadyB), LadyB Empowerment, LLC,  DBA Millennial In Menopause®All legal fees will be the responsibility of the client and not of Amelia I. Benson (Amelia LadyB), LadyB Empowerment, LLC DBA Millennial In Menopause®.


This is the entire agreement of the parties, and reflects a complete understanding of the parties with respect to the subject matter. This agreement supersedes all prior written and oral representations.