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Amelia I. Benson  (Amelia LadyB)

Life Coach, Writer,

Wellness & Nutrition Consultant

Who knew that your menstrual cycle could cause so much drama and yes that's beside the bleeding. 


I started my period at 9years old and from that moment on I was no longer a little girl I became a Warrior. I received a diagnosis of Endometriosis along with Adenomyosis at the age of 21. Years later stage 4 endometriosis wreaked havoc on my reproductive system and I had a radical hysterectomy and bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy, and I immediately started surgical menopause, and my oh my has it been a roller coaster.  


In 2018 I created Millennial In Menopause sharing my journey and providing information to women about endometriosis, surgical menopause, nutrition, and empowerment via posts, youtube, podcast, and blog. I love how God turned my tears into a story of triumph.


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Areas of Expertise

​Life Coaching Topics Include:

  • Nutrition & Wellness

  • Women's Reproductive Health

  • Entreprenuership

    • Creating Balance​

    • Managing Stress

    • Managing Chronic illness

  • Life/Work/School Balance

    • Managing Chronic illness​

and much more..

"She draws on her strength and reveals that her arms are strong."

Proverbs 31:17

*And much more

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